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I Lost My Job to COVID in August & Need Help to Get Current on My Utility Bill Please!

My Story:

I'm a single man, and I live on my own. So far, I've lived a good life and have worked hard for all the things I've ever wanted. Although we're still living through these uncertain times, I still remain truly grateful to be here. I've always believed that even if yesterday was your worst day, you can always make a choice today to have a better one.

Like most people when the shelter in place orders began to roll in during March of last year, I struggled with a range of emotions on a day to day basis. I also suffer from an anxiety disorder, and the shock of everything has been especially difficult for me to deal with. It got much worse when I was laid-off in August of 2020. I consider myself to have been fortunate to have kept my employment for that long, but I didn't plan on losing my job overnight. Since being laid-off, I depleted all of my savings and now all of my bills are past due. Specifically, I'm very worried about losing access to my utilities and need help catching up on those bills urgently.

I want to thank everyone who helps me in advance because this would truly be lifesaving. If I receive this help, all my bills will be current, and the weight of the world will be lifted off my shoulders. I'd consider myself to be somewhat of a prideful person, so asking for this help isn't easy for me; however, I know how much it would mean to me to receive this assistance. With that being said as well, I want to do my best to give this meaningful assistance to someone else in the same kind of need that I'm in now. Thank you all again for this generous and kind support.

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