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Imminent Loss of Housing
Temporary Loss of Income


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We Were Homeless for 4 Months & Need Help Keeping Our New Home!

My Story:

Like so many others, my wife and I are both victims of the pandemic. We both fell out of work due to the pandemic and have been unable to find employment since then. We've been through some incredibly difficult times this past year and have actually found ourselves homeless at one point. We were staying in a hotel for four months after losing our home. These have been tough times, but I know we can bounce back for sure.

The biggest thing that we're struggling with is that our relatively new car keeps breaking down. Since getting our car only a few years ago, we've had to replace the tires multiple times, we've had to replace the turbo rod, and the compressor too. We had to pay for all of those repairs out of pocket too, and the costs have really weighed us down over time. Now, without work, it's been impossible to manage those expenses on top of our monthly expenses. We're about two months behind on our rent and utilities for our new apartment and need help before we're homeless again.

This has been difficult for us to deal with, and my wife is really struggling with depression at the moment. However, we both have faith that there are good people out there watching over us in our moment of need. Getting this help would be huge for us, and it would allow us to keep our home in our old age. Thank you all so much for your assistance in keeping our home and for your kindness and generosity.

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