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I Lost My Manufacturing Job in May & Need Help Keeping My Home Please!

My Story:

I'm a single woman, and like many other people since the beginning of Covid-19, I've been struggling to get by. Before the pandemic began, I was working at a manufacturing company. I was having an easy time of making my rent and all of my other bills as well. Looking back, I really miss my job and that period of my life.

Like I said, I'm struggling to make ends meet now due to the pandemic. I was laid-off in May of last year after originally just being furloughed. The economic fallout from the pandemic forced the company I was working at to scale back its operations and to lay-off tons of people. Since then, I've managed to get SNAP benefits so that I can afford food and the unemployment that was coming in was able to handle my rent and utilities. However, since those benefits have expired, I've fallen behind on my rent and need help if I'm going to be able to avoid being evicted.

Evictions in my area have picked up lately, so I'm really worried that my landlord will file against me any day now. Keeping my home is my biggest priority because I really don't have anywhere else to go if I lose my home. I'm working hard to find another job that will allow me to afford my rent, but I really need help keeping a roof over my head. I would be incredibly grateful for this assistance, and I promise to pay it forward when I'm in a better position to do so. Thank you all so much for your support and consideration during this difficult time.

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