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After Isolating Due to COVID, We'll Come Up Short on Rent this Month Without Help!

My Story:

My spouse and I are responsible young adults that moved in together about a year ago now. Even through Covid-19, we've loved every minute of married life together and have always managed to pull through the roughest times. We have a beautiful puppy named Ginger who is like a child to us!

Before the pandemic, I worked full-time as a property manager for a storage facility, and my husband worked full-time for a construction company before the pandemic started to get worse in our area. We've always managed to come through on all of our bills, even if we have to pick up work on the side for extra income. My husband is back to work, and his income has been barely enough to keep us above water. However, we got horrible news this weekend that a family member we had been in contact with tested positive for Covid-19. My husband and I got tested, and we both tested positive. Thankfully, everyone is okay, but it did cause him to miss two weeks of work. Because of that, we're going to come up short on our rent this month and could lose our home as a result.

I'm terrified that we'll be out on the streets by next month if we can't afford our rent. However, with this help we'll be able to keep going through this Covid-19 scare will be able to get back on track completely going forward. We want to thank all of you for your generosity and kindness in giving us a hand with our rent. Your help will give our little family strength to keep pushing again.

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