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Special Needs Children
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This person has left the following thank you note:

User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you so much for your assistance!! We are so grateful to give our son this device. In the few short weeks since we have had the device, he had already made such great progress. He is able to communicate with us and he is having less meltdowns because of it. He is starting preschool soon and will now be able to communicate with his teachers and peers. Thanks to you my son now has a voice. It truly means the world to us.

Our Son is Non-Verbal & Needs a Speech Device to Communicate, but We Need Help Affording It!

My Story:

We're a happy family of three, and my husband and I have a wonderful 3-year-old son together. He's our entire world, and we've always done everything we can to make sure he's taken care of. He has level 3 autism and requires very substantial support from a parent at all times, so I stay at home with him while my husband goes to work during the day. Our son's autism manifests as a speech delay, meaning that he's completely non-verbal, and doctors also suspect a cognitive delay. Despite his setbacks, he's very happy in his day-to-day life and enjoys music, swimming, and climbing.

With my husband being the sole-provider for our household, we've been blessed in the sense that one of us can always be home with our son; however, we do live paycheck to paycheck as a result of having just one income, so any other large expenses outside of our basic bills are hard to handle. When our son was diagnosed with autism, the expenses for treating his condition were extremely expensive. Up until this point we've been able to manage them, but when it became clear that he was going to need a speech device to communicate with us effectively, the costs became unmanageable. Due to him being completely non-verbal without this device, we decided immediately that this was a necessary expense for the sake of his quality of life, and it is still. However, the cost of it is weighing on us significantly, and it's already affecting our ability to pay some of our bills and will eventually drive down our credit score as well.

We're asking for help with paying for this device because it's something that has quite literally changed our son's life already. He's able to communicate with us for the first time ever, and I just can't even begin to tell you how overwhelming that is for me as a mother. We're hoping that he can grow with this device if he's going to be permanently non-verbal as well, which would be huge for him to be able to do that. Genuinely, I can't put into words how grateful we would be for this help; it truly means more to my family than you could ever know. I want to thank everyone who helps us to give our son the ability to communicate in advance for your incredible display of compassion and kindness.

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