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I Lost My Job After 35 Years of Hard Work & Need Help Avoiding Eviction Please!

My Story:

I recently turned 60 years old, and I have been working in Warehousing for over 35 years now, specifically in Logistics/Material Handling. I lost my job in June 2020 due to the pandemic, and since then I've had a really hard time getting by. I had exhausted all of my savings by December of last year, and I've been falling behind on my bills since then.

I've managed to get back to work recently, but the snowstorm that hit our area has delayed that as a well. I'm really worried that I could lose our home before I'm ever even close to being able to get back on track with my rent. In addition to the snowstorm delaying my return to work, my vehicle broke down recently, and I needed to get it repaired which also set me back significantly. There's no public transportation to speak of in my town, and I need my car to get to and from work, so I had to get it repaired immediately. As a result of the gap in employment, the snowstorm, and my car breaking down, I'm behind on my rent and need help catching up before it's too late please.

I'm barely holding on right now, and I'm worried that if I don't find help soon, then I'll lose everything I worked hard for over the past 35 years. I can't even begin to describe how impactful getting this help would be to my life. Truly, it's the difference between me being homeless and me being employed and self-sufficient. Once I'm current on everything and back on my feet, I hope that I can be a blessing by giving back to someone else in need. Thank you all in advance for your generosity and kindness.

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