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I'm a Veteran Who Needs Help with My Rent After I Lost Hours to COVID & Lost My Car in an Accident!

My Story:

I'm a single man living on my own, and I would characterize myself as young and independent. My passions are sports and music, and those are what I enjoy doing in my free time when I'm not working as a security guard. I'm a veteran and am still currently enlisted with the U.S Army as a reservist.

Under normal circumstances, I've always been able to earn enough to meet my basic expenses; however, these aren't normal circumstances, and I'm barely able to stay afloat. My hours were cut due to Covid-19 early last year, and since then I haven't had any room at all for unexpected expenses. So, when I totaled my car after I hit a deer a few weeks back, I had to pay for a new vehicle which set me back a lot. I work nightshift for my security firm and that requires me to have my personal vehicle, so it was important for me to get my hands on a car straight away. After getting another car, I'm in danger of falling behind on my rent for this month.

I'm asking for help with my rent because I really don't have any leeway left with my rental company, so if I fall behind, I'll be evicted for sure. I'm already doing my best to get on top of this situation and have already started working another job to pick up as much slack as I can, but I'm still incredibly close to losing my home. I would greatly appreciate this help because it would allow me to keep my home and would truly save me from disaster. I want to do my best going forward to repay this kindness and generosity by serving my community where I can, and I want to thank everyone who helps me in advance as well. I will truly never forget this assistance.

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