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I'm Isolating Due to COVID & Need Help Catching Up on Our Rent Before It's Too Late!

My Story:

I'm a single mother of three girls. I have a set of twins who are in college currently, and I'm extremely proud of both of them for making the Dean's List this past semester. I also have a 7-year-old daughter who is a happy go lucky child who's just full of life and passion. I'm a student doing my best to obtain my degree, while I work the night shift at my job. I work for a mental health group home, and I was recently exposed to Covid-19 while at work.

After being exposed to Covid-19, I've been having to quarantine at home with my daughter, and I haven't been receiving a paycheck as a result. I used my last two paychecks to take care of December's rent but I'm still a month behind, and I can't afford to catch up and pay the late fees. I've tried to work something out with my landlord, but her hands are tied. It's basically a forgone conclusion that I'll be evicted unless I can get help to catch up on my rent.

My biggest fear right now is that any day I'll come home to our belongings sat out on the curb. I'll be getting back to work soon, and I plan on using my tax return to catch up on our rent as well, but even that won't be enough to get us completely caught up after I had to quarantine. My daughter and I will be able to get back to a place where we're both completely self-sufficient again with this help. It's always been hard for me to ask for help like this, especially publicly, but I know that I have to for the sake of my daughter. I have to do my best to give her a stable environment to grow in, and this help would allow me to do that. I couldn't thank you all enough for your kindness and generosity in delivering this help to my daughter and I in our time of need. We will truly never forget the people who help us.

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