Paid 03/27/2021
Military Family
Imminent Loss of Housing

Fully Funded

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Words cannot describe how thankful we felt when I learned of the funding being approved for our family. The intangible things in life such as 'hope' may be taken for granted by many but this funding will never be taken for granted by our family. This funding will allow us the opportunity to pay our rent stress free for one month and for me to obtain good sleep knowing that my husband is now safely driving on the road to job interviews and to destinations to work gigs for my compensation. Again, thank you so much for your support and we pray that we will be in a position one day to also give back to those working to make a better life for themselves. Love, The Haliday Family

My Husband Finally Found Work After Retiring from the Army, but COVID Hit & We Need Help With Rent!

My Story:

I am a military spouse with a retired husband and two lovely stepdaughters. My husband served 20 years in the US Army before retiring. I have two lovely teenage stepdaughters who enjoy art and music. I currently have a work-from-home based job and stay very busy being a supportive wife and mom while trying to remain focused on attaining a long-term career position.

After my husband worked hard to get his master's degree upon retiring from the military, he finally was able to secure a long-term job. We were ecstatic after working hard for years to help him reorient his career towards civilian life, but all of that was taken from us when Covid-19 started to spread. His job laid him off, and while I was able to keep mine as a work-from-home position, it made it almost impossible to keep our heads above water financially. He's been driving for Uber when he can, but the tires on his car aren't safe to drive on, so he's had to stop recently. We're down to just my income, and because of that, we're behind on our rent. Right now, we're struggling to survive and keep our home on a daily basis, and when you're in that mindset it can put a huge strain on your family dynamic and relationships. We're doing our best to hold everything together, but we really need help if we're going to be able to make it through this and keep our home.

Getting this help would boost our income in the short-term because it would free up money for my husband to get some new tires so that he can drive for Uber while also looking for long-term work. It would also help us in the long-term by allowing us to keep a roof over our heads while my husband works hard to secure work again. It's been a struggle for us all here, but especially for him, and he could really use something to lift his spirits. We would be eternally grateful for this help and would like to thank everyone who gives us their generous support in advance.

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