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After Losing My Job to COVID, I Need Help Keeping My Car so I Can Find Work Again!

My Story:

I'm married to my amazing wife. She's currently in school right now, so I was the only one working when the pandemic hit. I was working for a recruiting and staffing company when the pandemic hit and forced me out of work. I've been doing my best to find work again, but there's just nothing out there at all right now, and my wife has even decided to look for work as well even though she's doing school too. We've had no luck at all though and are barely scraping by now.

We were making our financial situation work until about mid-November of last year. We were stretching our savings and unemployment benefits to their limit, but we passed their breaking point in November and have had trouble ever since then. We're behind on a lot of our bills, but I think our most pressing one is our car payment right now. We're really close to having our car repossessed, and that would be catastrophic to our ability to make ends meet.

I'm appealing for help with our car not because if we lose our car, my wife and I can't go to job interviews or to a job at all when we find work. This help would do a lot to ease our burden, but it would also ensure that we can get back to a point of self-sufficiency when we find work again. I'm hoping that we'll find work again soon, but until then, we would be incredibly humbled and grateful to receive this generous help with our car payment. From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank everyone who decides to help us in our hour of need.

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