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COVID Halted My Studies & Has Kept Me Apart from My Son. Please Help Me Reunite with Him!

My Story:

I'm a single mom and graduate student. My son is 14 years old, and he's my entire world. My initial plan, before the pandemic, was to go to Milan, Italy in February, begin my study and work abroad, intermediately fly back to visit with him while his father and I sort out custody and visitation in court, then I had hoped to have my son join me in Italy for the month of July. However, the Covid-19 pandemic totally scrapped those plans. In addition to ruining those plans, I haven't seen my son in a year. The separation has caused us both immeasurable grief.

I actually made it to Italy the day the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed there. As we know, early on Italy was hit extremely hard by the pandemic early on, and I had to relocate to France. I wasn't able to return to the U.S until March. At that point I had spent a ton of money on hotels, travel, expenses, etc., and I had terminated my lease in the U.S in preparation for my program abroad. Upon returning to the U.S, I was out of money, homeless, and out of work after losing my job in April. My university was unwilling to reimburse me the full amount of my expenses abroad, but still I've been able to slowly rebuild. However, because of my unstable living and financial situation, I haven't been able to see my son.

I'm asking humbly for help with my WiFi and phone bills because taking care of those will allow me to finish my degree and will free up money to go towards my rent. This generous assistance would really be a huge step towards me being able to see my son again. This situation has been agonizing and this pandemic has cost me almost everything, but I still have hope that I'll be able to see my son and finish my degree. I couldn't be more thankful to the people who help me accomplish both. I promise to repay the generosity and kindness I'm shown when I'm able to.

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