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COVID Forced Me Out of Work, & I Need Help With Some Bills Please!

My Story:

I'm a single mother and grandmother, and I would characterize myself as spirited, energetic, and hardworking! My children all grown up and out of the home now, so I currently live by myself. I was working full-time at a local hotel to make ends meet. However, thanks to the pandemic, I've been out of work for five months now.

Due to the high volume of unemployment requests, I haven't received any assistance yet. With no income coming in, it's been impossible to stay current on all of my bills, and I'm behind on almost everything. My energy bill is behind, my utilities are behind, and most importantly, my rent is behind. I desperately need help with catching up on all of these bills if I'm going to make it through this crisis to find work and support myself again.

Unfortunately, I cannot support or rely on my family because they are all in the same situation that I'm in. These are desperate times, and I have been hit hard by them. I'm in danger of losing my home if I can't get caught up on my rent and I'm in danger of losing service if I can't get caught up on the other bills I'm asking for help with. I'm doing my best to find work again, but it's difficult right now. There aren't a lot of options for me, and I know that right now, I need help if I'm going to make I through this pandemic with my home. Even more than that, it would be a huge boost to me to know that there are people out there who care about what me and so many others are going through right now. I hope that I can do the same and show someone going through what I'm going through right now that they matter. I also want to say thank you to everyone who supports me for your compassion and consideration.

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