Paid 12/31/2020
Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI want to give my deepest gratitude to all who have provided me these funds to help me with my job. I prayed faithfully for your help and thanking you doesn't seem good enough. This means the world to me because I really needed insurance to work. Sincerely Heather

I'm a Caretaker, but I Can't Care for My Patients If I Lose My Car Insurance! Please Help.

My Story:

I'm a single woman living with my dog named Frasier. I have fibromyalgia and struggle with some mental health issues. I have a wonderful team that I counsel with, and they've really helped me stay steady and keep my footing during the pandemic. In addition to the health problems I struggle with, I have been in two different car accidents. All of these different factors have made it difficult to find work that can accommodate my disabilities.

Last December, a woman at church asked me if I would be interested in working as a companion to some of the older folks at our church. I was hired on the spot when I went in to interview, and they have been fantastic to work for and have been great about understanding my limits. In order to supplement that income, I was working for AMC theaters too; however, they've closed all of their theaters indefinitely due to Covid-19, and I haven't been able to find another job like it. Without that income, I'm really struggling to take care of my bills. I've been able to rely on some close friends and family, but we're all struggling, and I don't want to rely on them any longer. That's why I'm asking for help with my car insurance payment for this upcoming month.

I'm still working as a companion and need my car to get to and from my job. I don't want to drive without insurance, and I can't afford to lose this job. Even more than that though, the patients that I work for need me now more than ever, and I refuse to let them down because I can't get to and from work. I would be incredibly grateful to receive this help, and I know my patients will be too because they need me now too. I promise to do my best to repay this help by working hard for them each and every day that I can. Thank you all so much for your compassion and understanding during these hard times.

As of 2020-12-31, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2021-01-15, Modest Needs sent payment via Credit / Debit Card in the amount of $500.00 to Progressive on behalf of this deserving individual.