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I'm a Veteran Fighting Cancer, & My Family Needs Urgent Help with a Medical Bill Please!

My Story:

I'm an army veteran and married to a lovely wife, who is the lone provider for our family. I'm an active gamer and have worked by training dogs. We like to stay fit with walks and bike rides, but everything has been postponed now after I was diagnosed with cancer. Due to exposure to burn pits in Afghanistan, I've been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma. To clarify, burn pits are exactly what they sound like: large holes in the ground that the military uses to dispose of everything from uniforms to munitions. Exposure to these sites, which is impossible to avoid for on-base soldiers, has been linked to multiple health issues, including cancer. The VA, and the federal government, does not recognize these burn pits as health hazards to veterans and has denied aid to those of us who have been affected by them, of which there are nearly 200,000 vets. I can't work because of the 24/7 chemo treatments, and I depend on my wife to sustain us.

We've had to move in with her parents to offset the cost of the chemotherapy, which have had to pay for nearly entirely by ourselves. The bills just keep piling up and piling up, and every new medical procedure is money we don't have. Our insurance recently denied coverage to one of my medical bills, and I've tried to work out payment plans to deal with the costs of that but haven't had any luck. I'm worried about it going to collections, and if that happens, I don't know what we'll be able to do to take care of that. I really need help taking care of this medical bill because we could lose absolutely everything we have left if we don't pay it.

I'm trying to focus on getting better, and the last thing I need my family to be worrying about is if our bills are paid. Getting this help would be huge for me and my family, and it would make sure that my cancer doesn't ruin us financially. I won't lie, I have lost a lot of faith in the VA system, but I still have faith that everyday people still care about their veterans and are willing to help them through difficult circumstances. On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for just caring about the challenges we're facing and for your support during these trying times. It means more to me than you will ever know.

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