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I Finally Got Back On My Feet After Losing Work to COVID, but Still Need Help Catching Up on Rent.

My Story:

I'm a single 21-year-old, and due to Covid-19, I'm really struggling to make ends meet. I really love video games, so much so that I became the manager at my local Gamestop. I stream video games regularly, and I also do community theater as well, though not recently due to the pandemic. I also have a passion for helping animals and have three cats at home who I love and care for.

The pandemic hit when I was still working at Gamestop, and I tried my hardest to get as many hours as I could, but I also had my team to look out for. Two of my team members were parents, so I decided to get them as many hours as possible in order to help their families through this crisis. With that being said, I decided to try to find a different job due to not having enough hours. I eventually moved to a new position with a in-home care company, but the gap in employment caused me to get behind on some of my bills. I'm caught up on pretty much everything but rent, and I'm in danger of being homeless before the holidays.

I'm asking for help with my rent to cover the gap in employment that I faced after losing hours to Covid-19. With this help, I would be able to keep my home and not have to worry about storing my belongings or couch surfing with my pets. At this point I do have a new job that I just recently started, and I'm back to full-time, so with this help I would be set to be completely caught up come the new year. In advance, I'd like to thank everyone who decides to support my application and other applications as well; I would be truly grateful and humbled to receive such generous support.

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