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I'm Pregnant & Can't Afford Our Rent or Utilities After Losing Hours at Work. Please Help!

My Story:

My husband and I are raising my 8-year-old stepdaughter, and we have another one on the way! We have our stepdaughter every other week, and she loves playing with our 2-year-old dog, watching TV, and playing with the neighbor's kids. She hasn't been able to play with her friends in the neighborhood lately though due to the pandemic, so I think she's feeling a little lonely. My husband is currently unemployed due to some health issues, and I work for a pastry restaurant here in town.

I have been working less than 20 hours a week due to COVID-19, and my pay has not been nearly enough to sustain us. We've fallen behind on a lot of our bills, and I'm worried we'll lose the house before our newborn even arrives. We've been homeless before and have worked hard to claw our way back from that, but we're in serious danger of becoming homeless again.

I'm asking for help with our rent and our utilities because it will get us all the way caught up on our bills. I'm just trying to do my best to make sure we get by until my hours are restored and until our baby arrives. I know we can make it through these difficult times, but our situation is getting really desperate, so I have to reach out for help. This would be a huge difference to my family and I, and honestly, it would be the difference between us making it through this and not making it through this situation. We want to be able to give our children a stable home, and this help would allow us to do that. Thank you.

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