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I'm Set to Be Evicted Before My First Paycheck Arrives! I Need Help Covering My Rent Please.

My Story:

I'm a hard-working, college-educated man who lives alone currently. I consider myself to be creative by nature, and I'm really passionate about technology. I strive to learn something new every day, so an ideal evening for me is a quiet one with a good book. Prior to the pandemic, I worked for a tech firm.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was laid-off and was searching for work for almost 9 months before finding a new job. I'm extremely thankful to have found this new position, but the gap in employment caused me to get behind on my rent. While my new job will allow me to afford to keep my current apartment, it will be two weeks before I get my first paycheck. My landlord isn't willing to wait that long, and I need help making sure that I can pay my rent before I'm evicted.

I've worked hard to rebuild since the pandemic began, but I'm worried that everything will fall apart if I lose my home. I live far away from my family and don't have anyone else to rely on for support, so I've decided to look here. I am positive I can get back on my feet once my rent is taken care of, and I'm looking forward to paying this blessing forward to someone else who's in need. Thank you for your consideration and compassion during these difficult times.

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