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My Roomate Moved Out, Leaving Me To Pay His Rent! I Need Help Catching Up Please.

My Story:

I'm a single woman living in Long Beach, and I worked as a bartender before the Covid-19 pandemic forced my bar to close. I have two cats that live with me, ages 10 and 2 years old, and I absolutely love them with all my heart. While some restaurants have been allowed to reopen, most are not allowed to have bars working, so I continue to be unemployed. However, I have been searching for any work I can find at all, and I've gone to a few interviews that have been promising lately.

Even without work, I had been managing to make ends meet, but then my roommate moved out due to Covid-19 and left me with his half of the rent to pay. I simply couldn't make up the difference, and now I'm behind on my rent as well as some other bills. I might be able to catch up if I can get some of my other bills taken care of. Therefore, I'm requesting help with some of my utility bills.

If I can get the help that I need with these bills, it might be enough to help me pay my roommate's half of the rent until I can find someone to replace him again. I've been interviewing candidates, but no one qualified has come up yet. This would buy me the time that I need to both continue looking for work and to find another roommate to alleviate the cost of rent. Thank you all for giving me the time that I need to figure this situation out, and I promise that I will return the favor in the future!

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