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I've Been Out of Work Since March & I Need Help Keeping My Home While I Look For Work!

My Story:

I'm a single man living with a roommate, and we're both out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was working as a bookkeeper prior to be laid-off, but more than anything else my dream is to create beautiful works of art. Just creating and exploring brings me so much joy, and I have had a lot of time to do that lately but have not had the means to do it.

Without having any money to put towards my rent, I am in danger of losing my home. The stress of this alone has it made it difficult to do the things that I enjoy like creating art. However, more importantly I don't have any support to rely on, and if I lose my home then I will have nowhere else to go but the streets. I want to get back to work so that I can continue to pursue my dream of becoming an artist, but I need help keeping my home in the meantime.

This assistance would ensure that I keep my home until I can get back to work, and it would allow me to get back to doing the things that I love. I have been endlessly searching for work, and I know that I can find it soon; however, I need help avoiding eviction in the meantime. Thank you all for your compassion and understanding during these abnormal times. I will never forget the help I receive and will never forget the people who have helped me on my journey toward realizing my dreams.

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