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We've Had Unexpected Moving Expenses and Need Help Getting On Top of Them to Avoid Eviction!

My Story:

My dad and I recently relocated from Illinois to Florida in order to be closer to the beach. He's retired, and I receive disability benefits. We both really love living here because its always nice and sunny, especially compared to Illinois. We have been renting just a small apartment that we share.

We've always been good about making our payments on time and have always had enough money coming in to do so, but there were a few unexpected moving expenses that got us behind on our rent. We had to pay a significant amount of money up front for our apartment but were unaware of just how much that would cost us with all of the hidden brokerage fees. Also, we didn't know that it would be a significant up front cost to pay to have the electricity turned on as well, and that was absolutely vital to get paid because it gets really hot here during the summer. Those unexpected expense have really put us in a bind, and we don't have any way of catching up. That is why I'm asking for help with our rent because if we don't catch up, then we will definitely be evicted.

We're the only family that each other have, so we don't really have anyone else to fall back on for help. It's always been our dream to move to the beach, but realizing that dream has been incredibly difficult, and if we get evicted, I'm afraid it will quickly turn into a nightmare. This help would keep us off the streets, and it would get us completely back to a point of self-sufficiency. We would be free to live our quiet lives in peace and without the fear of homelessness. I want to thank you for taking the time to read our story and for your help in advance. We could never forget the assistance we receive.

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