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We're Down to Just One Income Due to COVID. It's Not Enough to Keep Up with Our Rent, & We Need Help

My Story:

My partner and I have been together for 4 years, and we are raising our five children together. Currently, four of them are in high school; they're attending school virtually due to the pandemic. We have three girls, two of whom are in high school, and two boys. One of our boys plays football and the other is in JR Air Force ROTC. Our girls are fantastic students, and we're incredibly thankful for all of our children.

I work full-time in Renewable Energy Operations, and my partner taught cooking lessons to elementary students full-time before the pandemic. She lost her full-time position at the beginning of the pandemic, cutting our income basically in half. Since then, and after I lost some hours at work, we have had an incredibly difficult time making ends meet. We've been able to work with our landlord to waive our late fees, but that agreement will end soon. We're currently behind on rent for the month and need help to get caught back up.

If we get too far behind on rent, I'm worried we will stay behind and lose our home. That's why I am asking for help with the rest of our rent for this month. If we can get this taken care of, we will be able to pay next month's rent and move forward from there. My partner is currently looking for work, and we think she will be able to find something soon. However, we're at a critical point financially and this help will be the difference between moving forward and not moving forward. I know that my family and I will be able to keep our home if we get the help that we need, but if we don't the future looks really uncertain for us. Thank you for your consideration and compassion during these extremely uncertain times.

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