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I'm a Teacher and COVID Has Kept Me Behind! Please Help Me Get Current on a Car Note.

My Story:

I'm a 35-year-old woman, and I currently live alone with my adorable puppy. I adopted her after quarantine began because it was starting to get a little lonely just staying inside by myself. I work full-time as a teacher, and I love my job and my students. In my free time, I love to explore the outdoors with my dog.

My current financial hardship is the result of me contracting Covid-19 and having to quarantine for almost two months. I was out of work from June until August, and even in August I couldn't go back to work because I was still in quarantine. I was set to work in June, but my offer of employment for a summer school program was rescinded because they didn't have enough students participating. So, after having Covid-19 and losing my summer position, I fell behind significantly on my bills. I faced eviction twice, and now I am facing it again. I am also in danger of losing my only means of transportation.

I have gotten behind and stayed behind as a result of the pandemic, but I know that with a little help with my car note, I can get back on track with all of my bills. It has been incredibly hard to catch up, but I am back to work now and am working hard every single day to make sure that I can get back to a stable place. This assistance would get me out of the cycle of being late on my rent and car notes, while also giving me a path towards financial independence that I have been trying to find since the pandemic began. Thank you for helping me move forward in advance.

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