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We're a Retired Couple Who Need a Little Help with a Home Repair Expense Please!

My Story:

My household consists of just myself, my wife, and our 15-year-old. My wife and I are retired, and we enjoy spending time together with our 15-year-old. He is extremely interested in film and wants to be a director someday. We are a small, but happy family, living quiet and enjoyable lives.

However, we have run into an unforeseen problem; recently, our septic system went out, and we do not have the funds to replace it outright. My wife and I receive disability and social security benefits, but those are only enough to maintain our rent and other bills. We're having a lot of trouble with this unforeseen expense and are worried that the bill for this will put us underwater financially. We cannot afford to continue without a septic system because it would put our home in a state of total disrepair.

Therefore, we have no option other than to ask for one-time assistance with this bill. This would be a major relief to us financially, and it would keep our home from being permanently damaged. I know that times are difficult for everyone right now, so we pledge to give to someone else who needs help when we are in a position to do so. Thank you for the consideration and compassion you have shown my small family in our time of need. We will never forget this.

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