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My Husband and I are BOTH Out of Work Due to COVID. We Really Need Help with Our Rent!

My Story:

My husband and I both lost our jobs to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have two children at home, and it has been difficult to even make sure that we can put food on the table for them. Before the pandemic began, I worked at a restaurant and my husband also worked full-time. Without any income at all, we have really struggled to keep a roof over our heads.

We usually live paycheck to paycheck but had a little to put a way for situations like this; however, the small amount we had saved up is long gone now. I thank God that we had it saved up, but now I do not know what we will do. That is why I am asking for help with our rent for this upcoming month.

Until we can find work again, my husband and I have no other option but to ask for help with our rent. We have already applied for several jobs, and I secured an interview recently. We�re hardworking people, and we have two children at home, so we desperately want to get back to work in order to provide for them. This help would give us the time that we need to start earning enough to be self-sufficient again. The pandemic forced us out of both of our jobs, but I know we can get back on our feet with a little bit of help. Thank you all for your support and compassion during these incredibly trying times.

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