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I Lost My Dream Job to Covid-19, and I Will Lose My Home Too Without Help!

My Story:

I am a 32-year-old single female born and raised in Tampa, FL. I attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with my bachelor's in business administration. I have worked extremely hard to get where to where I was at before the pandemic and am relentlessly trying to find a job during this crisis. It is difficult to feel like all of the hard work that I have done has gone to waste, but I know that feeling is temporary and that soon I will be back on my feet.

After graduating school and getting my dream job, I moved into a new apartment. However shortly after the pandemic began, I lost my job. Now I am in danger of losing my new apartment as well. To make the situation even worse, after I lost my job I contracted Covid-19. I was making good money before the pandemic, but the loss of my previous income has forced me to fall behind on almost all of my bills. I am in grave danger of being evicted from my apartment if I cannot get help with my rent soon. This situation has taken an extreme toll on my mental health, and I desperately need your help to get my head back above water.

If I can just get my rent paid, then I know I will be able to get on my feet again. I have several final-round job interviews lined up, and I am confident that I can land at least one of them. Your help would ensure that I keep my home, but it would also give me the peace of mind that I need to move forward with these interviews. I feel like I have lost almost everything due to this pandemic and am really struggling to get back to where I was before it. However, I know that with your help I will make it back to where I was. I will never be able to repay your kindness and generosity, but, nonetheless, I would like to thank you for it during these incredibly difficult times.

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