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My Insurance Claim was Denied and I Need Your Help Fixing My Home Please!

My Story:

I am a single mother with a 14-year-old son. We live with our pet bulldog, Gigi, who we absolutely love. I consider us to be truly fortunate because despite facing this pandemic, I have been able to work from home and my son's school has given him a laptop to use for virtual learning.

However, my current residence is the first home I have ever purchased. I was excited at the time but have quickly learned that the maintenance costs associated with home ownership can be very burdensome financially. The most recent catastrophe was a plumbing issue; it is the third leak I have encountered with this home due to faulty polybutylene pipes. My homeowner's insurance does not cover water damage, so my recent claim was denied which left me to pay all of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with detecting and repairing the leak as well as the affected flooring. I am absolutely beyond frustrated with my insurance provider because it took nearly three weeks to process my claim, and it was denied after I was assured that I would not owe money out of pocket. That being said, the past is the past, and I need your help to pay my HOA fee because the cost of the repairs has made it difficult to maintain my balance.

Your help would be a blessing to my small family, and it would ensure that we have enough to keep going through this pandemic. It will keep us up to date on all of our bills, so that we can continue to navigate these difficult times smoothly and without fear. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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