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My Hours Were Cut and My Kids Need Your Help Please!

My Story:

I am a single mother of three fantastic kids. I have my oldest daughter, who is 7 years old, my son, who is 3 years old, and my youngest daughter who is 2 years old. They all love to be around each other and to spend time playing outdoors. I have always done my best to take care of my children, but that has become more difficult than ever lately.

I have always worked paycheck to paycheck and have had little to put away in terms of savings for an emergency. However, this pandemic is definitely an emergency because it has severely reduced my hours. My income has been cut severely, and I am no longer able to pay my rent as a result. I desperately need your help to pay my rent before I get behind.

This help would see my kids and I through this crisis to a better, more stable future. I know that it is difficult for everyone to lend a hand right now, but I have faith that there are people out there who will help us, and I know that when we are back on our feet I will become someone who helps others by giving back. I also know that my kids will grow up knowing that someone was kind enough to help them when they needed it most and that, as a result, they will be generous towards their communities. Thank you all for your compassion and generosity.

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