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We Lost Our Home to Covid-19, and We Will Lose Our Phones Too Without Your Help!

My Story:

I am married mother of two beautiful girls who are 13 and 3 years old. My 13-year-old is a skilled artist, and she lives to dance and swim. My 3-year-old is always on the move and loves to play with her dolls. Our whole family loves to spend time with our dog, Ruby, and our two cats, Diamond and Onyx. Currently, I work for Amazon as a customer service agent, and my husband is recently unemployed as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

At one point during the pandemic, my husband and I were both out of work, causing us to get behind on our rent. To get around the moratorium on evictions, our landlord decided not to renew our lease for the next month and gave us six weeks to get out of our current home. Now, we are living in a hotel while searching for a new place to stay. We are effectively homeless. Our situation is incredibly tenuous, and we really need your help if we are going to make it to a new home. Specifically, we need help with our phone bill because it is the only way we can stay connected to the outside world right now.

Our phones are more than just a means of keeping in touch, they are our lifeline. Without them, I cannot work because I cannot stay in touch with my boss and my team, and my husband cannot search for a job because we do not have access to the internet otherwise. They also help us keep track of our pets if we lose them, and they help us keep track of our daughter so that we can keep her out of harms way.

Our situation is really difficult, and it breaks my heart to think that my family is homeless right now. I still have hope that we will be able to get back on track, but your help would make me certain that there is a way back from this. Thank you for giving my family hope during our darkest hour; we can never repay this kindness, but I promise that we will try.

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