Paid 09/20/2020
Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI am just overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!! Thank you from my children and I.. I thank God that there are people who care about others.. who care about MY family and OUR problems. You have no idea what an answer to prayer you all are and what a huge burden you've lifted off of my shoulders. I could not have done this on my own. Thank you. May The Lord repay you for your kindness and compassion and generosity.

Family of Seven Needs Help with Rent

My Story:

I am a grateful mother of six, two kids launched and four to go. My children's father left a few years ago and I went to work the very day that he left. We've overcome a lot of obstacles, learned, and grown a lot in the last three and a half years. My children are all excellent students and they are truly kind people; I am exceptionally proud of them, and I am proud to be their mother. I have worked two jobs most of the last few years, but due to my eldest daughter leaving for college last month, on a full scholarship nonetheless, and my kids learning mostly remotely, I can only work one job at the present. Currently, I am an administrative assistant at a steel company.

While the kids and I have gotten by during the last few years of our 'new normal' we definitely live paycheck to paycheck. The month of July I missed three weeks of work due to pandemic related issues, and only a portion of my absence was paid. Another one of my children got their license and my insurance went up a dizzying $200 as a result. My eldest daughter, who helped in every possible way, left for college. While I am extremely proud of her, I have to pay for childcare now where I didn't beforehand. In addition to those expenses, while my eldest daughter has a full ride, there were several odds and ends needed in order to support her transition. All that to say, we are behind on rent and we need help. My landlords are being patient, but I have to get caught up soon.

This assistance would get us back on track and would help get me back to a place where I am able to sustain my family until I can get back to working again. Thank you all so much for taking the time to consider our family for your donation; we will never forget your kindness.

As of 2020-09-20, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2020-09-23, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $650.00 to Boyd Anthony, Landlord on behalf of this deserving individual.