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I Survived Covid-19, but I Lost Work and Need Help Keeping My Home as a Result!

My Story:

I am a single mother to five children, all of whom live outside of the household now. I am on my own and have managed my bills for as long as I can remember, but times are different now and everything is just a little harder. I have been a strong woman and a hard worker all my life, but I tested positive for Covid-19 a few months ago and had to stay home from work for nearly a month.

That bout with the disease caused me to lose out on nearly a month's worth of wages, something I simply could not and cannot afford still. The missed wages forced me to get behind on my rent, so now I am in danger of getting evicted. Therefore, I need help getting caught up on my rent so that I don't lose my home.

If I get this assistance, then I will be able to keep my home, which means I can keep my job as well. I know the pandemic has hit everyone hard and that a lot of people have been irreparably hurt by it. However, it has also shown me that despite all the chaos and turmoil, we can all come together to help one another no matter what. It has displayed, in full view, the kindness of humanity. We all owe it to ourselves to be gracious towards each other because giving helps us all. Giving builds a stronger community, and a stronger community means safety and stability for us all. Thank you all in advance for your generosity, and I am truly humbled by your kindness.

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