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My Husband Was Laid-off Due to COVID, and We Need Help Keeping Our Home for Our Children!

My Story:

It was a dream of mine to start a family and, thankfully, I have achieved that dream! I am married to my wonderful husband and we have two beautiful children together; our 3-year-old daughter and our 6-year-old daughter are the sweetest children a mother could ask for. My husband and I have done our best to provide for them for their entire lives, but it has been a struggle recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

My husband was recently laid-off from his job at a gym, and since then we have been struggling to make ends meet. We are currently struggling to keep a roof over our heads even though that is our number one priority right now. I do not want my daughters to grow up without a home, and I refuse to let them without exhausting every other option. That is why I am asking you all for help with our rent right now.

This assistance would give us the time we need for my husband to get back to work. We have to keep a roof over our heads right now, for our daughters' sake. Thank you all for any all help that you can give us during our time of need.

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