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I'm Pregnant and, thanks to COVID-19, We're About to Lose Power. Please Help Us Keep the Lights On!

My Story:

I am married and a mother to two children, ages four and two. We also have another one on the way very soon; I'm eight and a half months pregnant. We are a happy family who enjoy making the most of our time with our children. My husband and I both work for a large medical supply warehouse and work opposite shifts in order to take care of the kids at home.

We were doing alright financially, keeping our heads above water until the pandemic happened. We don't live extravagantly at all and any extra money we had always went to doing activities with the kids. After the Coronavirus hit our, hours were reduced pretty sharply. Furthermore, in April, my doctor told me to reduce my hours even further, so due to my high-risk pregnancy I was only able to work 5 hours a day. If there was work at all, we were just getting sent home at just 3 hours. At the end of last month my doctor pulled me from work entirely due to my high-risk pregnancy and preterm labor issues. I'm still waiting for short-term disability benefits to kick in and my husband's hours are down to about 30 hours a week still. This has put a huge financial strain on my family.

We need to help paying for our electric bill because it has gotten way out of hand and they're threatening to shut off the power soon.

This funding would help our family immensely. We would be able to keep our power on and we would have less to worry about and more money to put toward some of our other bills. We just need this grant in order to get back on track until our hours go back to normal, which will hopefully be soon. Thank you all for your time and for your consideration of our family's need.

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