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We Can't Recover From Our Gap in Employment & Need Help Before We're Evicted Tomorrow!

My Story:

I'm a young man, and I live with my girlfriend currently. I love playing basketball, and we both love spending time together by the ocean when we get the chance. We're both hard workers who always try to pay our own way in life, but the pandemic has made that hard lately.

My partner is a certified nurse, and I worked in a warehouse prior to the pandemic. I lost my job back in March after getting the Covid-19 virus, and I have finally found a new job that I will start soon. I was relying on unemployment benefits to make my way in the meantime, but those were not enough to cover some of our bills. My girlfriend also started a new job, so we are back on track to being self-sufficient. I'm really thankful to have recovered well from the virus and am thankful to have found work again as well. However, we need help to pay our rent until we can start collecting paychecks again.

This assistance would tide us over while we transition to our new jobs, and it would ensure that we keep those jobs by staying in our home. This support would be huge for setting up our foundation to thrive going forward after filling in our short gap in employment. Thank you for your help and generosity during these chaotic, difficult times.

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