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I Have Two Adopted Children and We Need Help with Some Medical Expenses!

My Story:

I am a single mother of two beautiful girls. I have never married but wanted children, so I chose the route of taking in foster children and giving them a forever home. My youngest just turned 10, and I adopted her as an infant. She has many special needs including Autism, ADHD, developmental delays, and epilepsy. Despite all of that, she is the happiest child you will ever meet. My second came into our home 6 months ago and is still a foster child. I am her non-relative caregiver and am in the process of adopting her. She is a bright and resilient 15-year-old that has endured more abuse and trauma than any child ever should. She is also special needs with ADHD, diabetes and Celiac disease.

My youngest child's special needs, medical expenses, and other needs have drained my savings account through the years. I have ongoing medical expenses for her monthly that are not covered. Luckily, my 15-year-old has her medical covered through the state, but the dietary restrictions due to the Celiac disease adds monthly grocery expenses. My income covers all of these expenses but does not leave any room for rebuilding my savings or major bills that may come along. I recently had to pay a visit to the ER due to newly developed heart issues, and the ER bill, after insurance, is shocking and overwhelming. I would deeply appreciate any help I could get with this medical bill.

This assistance would truly be a blessing for me and my family. I am feeling incredibly stressed about where I will come up with an additional monthly payment this time. I have crunched the numbers many times and there is nothing more to cut from my monthly budget. I know God always provides and I do trust in Him. Thank you all for your help and may God bless you all.

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