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Coronavirus: College Student Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I am a full-time student at Florida State University. I was working a part-time job to help with outside expenses. I am very interested in pursuing my career in the medical field. I love soccer and dogs.

I do live pay check to pay check, as most college students that I know do. I do not have any savings set aside and this pandemic took a massive hit on how I budget my finances. The main assistance that I am hoping for is to pay for rent. Any help is good help, because I have been struggling to find assistance anywhere I fear that if I do not have the funds to cover my dues, that I will be evicted.

This funding would impact my long-term situation because it will help get past this milestone. I will understand the importance in savings and also help my community more by raising funds and donating more, because this situation that I am in can happen to anybody.

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