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Covid-19: Struggling and Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single woman whose children have grown and moved out. I am still relatively new to Utah. I moved here from Ohio as my daughter has lived here for about 8 years now. I just started a new full time job and I have 3 part time jobs.

I just started a new job, which should be paying me more, but it is straight commission and I'm starting to panic where my bills are concerned, namely my rent. The part time jobs I have are, so far, taking care of my smaller bills. I have already filed and discharged bankruptcy to ease my burden, but I am very worried about my rent. I have no one to ask money from and I already have a title loan that helped me out last month. I now need Modest Needs hep with my rent for this month.

If I can get help getting over the hump of paying rent, I will be fine as my new job (though straight commission) is a good job that will keep me financially sound. I am very resourceful and have been through a lot of financial times in my past when my children were little. I always find a way. But now I am down to the wire and if I can get help, I know I will be on the path I need to be on the live comfortably again.

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