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Coronavirus: Single Female Struggling during Pandemic. Please Help

My Story:

I am a since female living alone. I have been been attempting to complete a dual Degree in R.N. and RHIT (A.D.N)and I�m hoping to free up funds to pay for the remainder of my degree as a Registered Health Information Tech.

I am currently living in extended stay and working with the US Department of Commerce in the census office as a clerk. This position being a government position we went on a mandated closure due to COVID. That happened a month after I started. We have returned to work as essential workers, however we are on reduced hours. Due to the severity of my mother�s illness, I have taken days off from work frequently and was let go with no Income. I now need Modest Needs help paying my accommodation bill.

This funding will allow me to keep the roof over my head and I will be able to finish my schooling and stabilize viable, and meaningful employment. Please help.

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