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Coronavirus: Young Professional and Grad Student Requesting Help With Rent

My Story:

I am a 22 year old graduate student in the University of Central Florida's dual degree Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Nonprofit Management program. I love documentaries, cooking, kickboxing, and spoiling my cat. I have a passion for youth development and hope to be the executive director or CEO of a youth-serving organizations. Prior to being furloughed due to COVID-19, I worked full-time as a Site Supervisor for a YMCA elementary before and after school program, and occasionally as a babysitter and pet sitter.

Since being furloughed in March, I have been picking up babysitting gigs wherever and whenever I can. This hustle has thankfully allowed me to keep a roof over my head and pay for basic needs. However, with school starting again this August I now am faced with the predicament of having to pay for my final month's rent or having to accept a high-interest student loan to afford this semester. I have worked dutifully since I was 16 years old in order to afford my higher education. In undergraduate college I worked 2-3 jobs during any given semester and managed to graduate without any student loans. I was hoping to do the same during graduate school but unfortunately my financial security has come undone because I was furloughed by my full-time job, which provided me with my largest source of income. I now need Modest Needs' help to pay for my upcoming rent.

This funding will offer a slight respite as I carry both the cost of my education and my monthly living costs on my shoulders. I work incredibly hard to make sure that my bills are paid on time or earlier, but the reality of COVID19 has forced me to defer on several of my financial obligations, with the cost of my schooling being one of them. In an effort to catch up on these payments, I am moving into a relative's home in order to save money and put whatever earnings I have towards these deferred payments, which include a tuition-payment plan for school. Please help.

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