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Coronavirus: Domestic Violence Survivor Trying to Stay Afloat

My Story:

I am a single mom with sole custody of my 2 sons. In 2018 I survived a brutal attack by my ex-husband, my death was only prevented by the police on a 911 response from neighbors phone calls. Since that day I have racked up medical, counseling and prescription debts. I work 2 jobs but I am currently furloughed from the second job due to Covid-19. I work in the Non-Profit field full time and the position I am currently furloughed from is at an ice hockey rink, where my son is a hockey player and volunteer. My older son is a scholarship/sponsored ballet dancer at a highly respected studio. Both boys are the most caring and lovely children anyone could ask for.

Normally, I can manage my monthly expenses, but with a new pain therapy regimen (high co pays) and being furloughed from my second job I am struggling to make ends meet. Credit cards are maxed and groceries are low. We now need Modest Needs' help to pay for our rent payment.

Any relief when you are the sole provider is blessing and complete load off the shoulders. Please help.

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