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Coronavirus: Female Musician Seeks Medical Bill Assistance

My Story:

I am a 29 year old musician living in Denver. I devote my free time to leading a rock band and writing and singing for the band.

I have been very active in the music scene here in Colorado and watched it change and grow over the last 5 years living here. I balanced that passion with working in the service industry until it all fell apart due to Covid-19. The entire music industry is on hold until further notice. The restaurant I work at closed temporarily and I have been on unemployment. This bill was a surprise to me, coming from a small procedure that I thought I was covered for. I was not. I write songs about a brighter future where basic needs are covered and our society can grow through art and technology. It's all connected. I need Modest Needs' help to pay for this medical bill which must begin to be repaid this month.

This funding will bring my financial situation back to a comfortable place where I am not in the red. It will restore my sense of stability for now. So much is up n the air in the world right now and this is just one less thing to have worry and anxiety over. Your help will make an impact on my mental health and would make a difference in my year.

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