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Coronavirus: Mom Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I am a 24 year old mother of a 8 year old daughter who is my light when it's dark. She loves to dance and make funny videos. She's was in competition cheer and tumbling. Due to finances I've had to pull her out of extra curricular activities. Her father and I are together but we are a young family trying to make it. I am out of work due to Covid-19 pandemic and so is my spouse.

We have always lived pay check to pay check. With only one vehicle no family besides the people in my household, and myself being the only 'type' of daycare right now we are in a bind. We had some savings so we paid up rent with stimulus check. At this time our financial bills for the month has surpassed our income. We desperately need Modest Needs help with our rent.

This funding would help us greatly. It will relive the stress that I am experiencing and allow us to stay afloat. Please help us.

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