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Coronavirus: Single, 22, Work Hours Cut - Need Your Help

My Story:

I am 22 years old who has started his journey into adulthood and starting my career. I had moved out of my parents house to start training and learning for my dream career, and giving my parents one less mouth to feed back home. I love my job, because I get to see members of my community on a regular basis and build those relationships. I want to work my way into being a better and bigger part of my community in hopes of making it stronger and welcoming.

I was making good money, enough to cover my basic expenses, but then of course the Corona Virus hit. As a grocery store worker we were slammed with business consistently and we were doing well, but along the way my hours were being cut drastically. I have bleed through my savings now and every check I earn is basically gone as soon as it hits my account. I can't even live paycheck to paycheck seeing as I can't feed myself. I am asking Modest Needs' for assistance with my rent and water bill.

This would be greatly helped due to the fact I am going to start working another job soon. This is a roadblock on my journey, but that doesn't mean it ends. I know I have a lot left to do on this earth with my time I have on it. Thank you.

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