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Coronavirus: Pregnant, Single Mom of 2 Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single mother of two beautiful girls with my 3rd girl that is due this summer. I am a hard working mom and going to school online. My oldest is 4 and the other almost 2 years old. I moved into my place the same week my work shut down do to the corona virus.

I work for Casino Resort as a barista. My work closed when pandemic started and left me in a bind. I moved into my place the same week which was kind of weird timing. My unemployment has not went through and not sure if it will because I was only at that job for about a month before all of this happened. I am afraid of losing my place and I am almost certain nobody will hire a 33 week pregnant female especially with the virus going around .I am a little stressed and do not want to let myself or kids down. I need Modest Needs help with my one month of rent.

It will be a relief for me mentally. I am pregnant and have been losing sleep over everything. Please help.

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