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Coronavirus: My Family Has Been Through a lot and Now We Need Help with Our Mortgage

My Story:

I am a married mother of two boys. My first is now 11 years old and is a great help to his little brother who just turned 2 years old. Both me and my husband are full-time working parents. The age gap between our two boys is a magical story. We were struggling through secondary infertility for 8 years, and during that time we had a lot of heartbreak and disappointment with this process.

After two years of saving, we were finally able to afford the IVF procedure, and with some help from science, God, and a lot of love, it was a success. After a really hard and high-risk pregnancy, my now two-year-old boy was born. Our family has been through a lot, and normally we always find a way. Right now, being without pay for so long due to Covid-19, we are struggling to make the ends meet. Specifically, we need help paying our mortgage.

We appreciate any help that we can get. It upsets me to have to ask for help, but at this time we have exhausted all other resources. I am confidence we will bounce back to normal once I can get back to work again, but we just need an angel to help us with a push to keep us leveled on the ground till that time. Thank you all for your consideration and compassion.

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