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Coronavirus: Single, Hardworker Needs Help With Phone Bill

My Story:

I am a single person living with my cat in a studio apartment. I love animals, helping people, and watching movies.

Last year, I lost my job of five and a half years due to missing work as a result of a serious car accident. I tried my hardest to find another job but was not able to find one until late March. I had that for a month and a half, but even then, it was only temporary work that quickly went from me working 32 hours to just 8. After another two weeks of being unemployed, I found another full-time job thankfully. However, because I was out of work for so long, I have been stretched thin financially, so I need help paying some of my bills. Specifically, I am requesting help with my phone bill because I need to keep that paid in order to keep my job.

This funding would help me stay on top of all my bills this month, and it would allow me to rebuild the emergency fund that I exhausted while dealing with this pandemic. Thank you all for helping me get back on my feet after some rough few months.

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