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Coronavirus : Single, Hard worker Needs Help With Phone Bill

My Story:

I am a single person living with my cat in a studio apartment. I love animals, helping people, watching movies.

Last year, I lost my Job of 5 and half years due to a car accident and missing work. I tried my hardest to find another job, but wasn't able to find one til late March. I had that for a month and a half and then it was only temporary work it went from me working 32 hours to 8. After another two weeks of being unemployed and things starting to settle with Coronavirus, I found job this last week. I just started and will be working full time. I need Modest Needs help covering my phone bill.

This funding would help me get on my feet for this month and not be stressed and anxious about being not being able to pay it. It would also help in the long run because I would be able to start working on an emergency fund, that I had to use this last six months.

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