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Facing Eviction: Need help with Rent

My Story:

I am a single woman who works full time as an essential worker. as a Forensic Technician. I am also a full time nursing student in the night program.

Unfortunately, I don't make a lot of money at my full time job and I live paycheck to paycheck. I just completed my first semester of nursing school and the cost of attending nursing school put a significant strain on my finances. A lot of expenses for the program had to be paid up front, such as paying for a background check, purchasing uniforms, blood pressure cuffs, a stethoscope and books. The program requires students to purchase majority of the books for the entire program. The first installment is the most expensive and plus one additional book that had to be purchased separately from the package. When I applied to the program, I was unaware I would have to pay for so many expenses up front. Due to the unexpected cost of supplies and books for nursing school, I've spent the last 4 months juggling bills, paying for one set of bills one month and another set of bills the next month and incurring late fee after late fee. I now need Modest Needs help to pay my one month of rent.

If I were to receive a grant to cover the cost of my rent, it would be a blessing! I would finally be able to sleep peacefully at nigh without worrying about my finances. I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately and it has negatively impacted my performance in nursing school. I barely passed my first semester of nursing school because I was so worried and distracted by my financial situation. This grant would give me a peace of mind and help me to have a more successful second semester of nursing school this Fall. Thank you.

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