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A Complicated Pregnancy Forced me Out of Work. CV-19 Kept Me Out & We're on the Verge of Eviction!

My Story:

I am a single mother of five amazing children; my eldest is 16 and my youngest is 3 years old. I have three boys who really enjoy hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors. Also, I have my two girls who are continually active with dance. I work full-time in Adult Behavioral Health, and I love my job and my work family.

I recently found out that I was pregnant and that my pregnancy has complications. Due to the pandemic, I was on a short leave of absence from the hospital I work at because of my complicated pregnancy. Unfortunately, it was an unpaid leave, and I also did not qualify for unemployment benefits either. I already live paycheck to paycheck, so this really hurt me and my family financially. Currently, we need help paying our rent.

This assistance would be an absolute blessing. It would save our home by allowing us to catch up on rent, and I have already gone back to work so I should be able to get back to a place of stability soon. Thank you all so much for your kindness and for the understanding you all have shown towards my family during these difficult times.

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