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I'm a Hardworking Server Who Was Laid-off by Covid and Needs Help with Rent!

My Story:

I am a married mother to two amazing girls, ages 16 and 12. My husband is the only one that works right now because I haven't been able to work for the past 3-4 years due to physical and psychological issues. I have applied for disability; however, I've been denied those benefits twice due to my age. I am now working with an attorney, but the process can take several years to complete. Before this, I worked every day since I was 15, and at age 16 I was on my own working two full-time jobs. We have never had to ask for help and have always hoped to never have to. However, considering our current circumstances we don't have a choice.

My husband has always made sure we are able to pay all our bills without help, and during difficult times he will pick up side jobs if needed. He has been doing some different jobs since being laid-off from his full-time job, but he has to be careful because he is diabetic. The side jobs he's been doing have been enough to pay for at least half of each of our monthly bills except for our rent. That is why we are now asking you all for help paying our rent.

This help would mean a lot to my family and it would bring us some much-needed relief during these difficult times. We are asking for help with heavy hearts, but I am not too prideful to recognize that we need assistance right now or else we will be in trouble. Thank you all for your understanding and compassion. My family will return the favor once we are back on our feet again.

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