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Coronavirus: Family Needs Help With Mortgage

My Story:

I am the mother of two young adult children and a grandmother to my beautiful granddaughter, all of whom live with me. Prior to the pandemic, I was working two different part-time jobs. One was as a substitute teacher, I used to teach full time, and the other part time job was as an art therapist at a behavioral hospital. Technically, I qualify as an essential worker. My 27-year-old son was working full time as a driver, but he lost his job and it took him over three weeks to even apply for unemployment due to the system being overloaded. He still has not received a check yet. My daughter is disabled and is unable to work. Her daughter, 20 months old, is as sweet as she can be, and we love her very much. I also had a son who tragically passed away two years ago, and I am still paying off his funeral costs.

Recently, I have been unable to work after getting into a wreck, which required me to take unpaid time off in order to recover. Even when I was able to return to work, schools had closed down so I could not return to my job as a substitute teacher. I still have my other part-time job but losing that income has really affected my ability to pay my bills. Currently, I need help paying my mortgage.

This funding would allow me to stay current on all of my bills and it would really help my family get through a difficult time. Even before the pandemic we were struggling, especially after the death of my son; however, I am still confident that we can achieve a reasonable level of self-sufficiency if we can just catch a break this one time. Thank you all so much for taking the time to consider my family for your donation.

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