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Coronavirus: Single Mom of 3 Needs Help With Car Payment

My Story:

I am a single mom of three. In total, I have five children, but two of them have grown up and moved out. Currently, I spend most of my energy caring for my 8-year-old and my 4-year-old daughters. My daughters are very energetic, and they love to dance. I was working part-time to care for my daughters by providing transportation to and from school activities to keep them busy during my divorce. I want the absolute best for my family, and I know that my divorce has been especially hard on them, so I want to make sure that they are well taken care of right now.

I have been living paycheck to paycheck and also seeking government assistance while going through this divorce and, subsequently, a protection order, which I have filed to keep my daughters and I safe. My soon to be ex-husband left me paying all of the household bills with no additional help at all. I have been working part-time to accommodate my daughters' educational needs and extracurricular activities to keep their minds off of the situation with my soon to be ex-husband. The virus has played a major part in my hardship as well because now I am unable to work. Currently, I really need help with my car payment.

This funding would not only allow me to return to work when it becomes available again, but it will also allow my daughters to continue their educational and extracurricular activities, which are very important to their well-being. I know they will be eternally grateful to anyone who can provide us with help, as will I too. Thank you all, from the bottoms of our hearts, for your kindness and consideration.

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